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Let’s Get Something Straight

Every Successful Business Knows That They NEED Their Own App

But there’s a Problem!

We found that the biggest reason for a business to NOT have a mobile app is simply the cost and turn-around time that is required to build it, which could be weeks or even months…

Over 70% Local Business Owners Said That They Need A Mobile App but Most of them simply can’t afford it.


But luckily for you, it’s not a problem anymore! In fact, it’s quite opposite!


Our 4 step mobile app system!


We begin branding your APP with your necessary design requirements... company logo, fonts, colours, and images etc etc.


step 2

we will choose the workflow of your app, functions, add-ons and other technical features, subjet to your requirements.


We will write all the code to make your app work. That's… without you having to look at any complicated code.


step 4

Make your App easily available for iOS and Android users by directly publishing the app on Apple App Store and Google Playstore.

Action Points List >>

Reward your clients based on actions they perform i.e. if they complete their profile, like your social media pages, on their birthday, or even just for downloading your app.

APP Account

We even give you access to your own online account so you can monitor updates on your app development and when it's live - get access to your customer data and statistics.

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Your App Features Choice

Action Points

Give you the ability to reward your clients based on actions they perform, for example if they like your social media pages, on their birthday, or even just for downloading your app.

Appointment Booking

Set appointments with your clients. Full booking system for Multiple employees and services – PayPal integration – get paid right through the app.


Set up coupons that are trackable with redemption statistics. Add valid dates, maximum number of redemptions and complete contact details along with your offers.

Employee Schedules

Provide a fully functioning online employee scheduling system. Employees can be notified by Push notification and Email about their weekly schedules and will have the ability to always have their schedules on them.

Event Ticketing

Via the ticket booking system admins can add and edit events, create different types of tickets for each event, upload a seat map, keep track of event tickets sold and available, etc. enable you to list and promote countless events, add multiple ticket types (paid, donation, free, early bird, etc.), upload seat maps, manage bookings, and process various offline & online payments. What’s more – administrators can personalize and issue invoices, create PDF tickets, launch promo codes, and use a built-in barcode reader.

Fan Page

Exactly what it sounds like, this enables your users to post comments of your business. A user would simply hit the + sign at the top of the screen and enter their Name and email, and post their comments. Once posted you will receive an email notification asking you to approve the message. All messages must be approved before they are live for other users to view.

Food Ordering System

A Complete online food ordering system that allows restaurants to create visually appealing Categories, and Menu items to be ordered right through your app. PayPal integration allows you to be paid immediately on an order. Also integrates with your website.


Forms to not just gather leads but also with the ability to send images, voice recordings and even the devices’ location from directly within the form.

Gift Cards

Let your customers buy gift cards/certificates for your services & products directly on your website. Use your app for in-store gift card validation & redemption. It’s super simple and you can use any device; your mobile, iPad or PC/Mac.

GPS Coupon

This feature allows you to setup a coupon that can only be seen by your customers when they are within a pre-set distance from your business. You can setup daily, weekly or monthly coupons, and users are encouraged to frequent your location to be able to view what this coupon may be. This is a great tool to generate foot traffic to your locations.

Hotel Booking

Great for Hotels or Motels, provides a fully functioning room booking service, and our system is highly customizable for maximum flexibility. A powerful room booking and reservation management functionality and allows you to install a clear call-to-action tool on your hotel app or website which will impact conversions and increase bookings. Our room booking system is highly customizable.

Points Rewards

Allows you to set up a points-based system and reward customers xx of points per pound spent. You can setup tangible items and associate a point value to them for your users to spend their points balance.
For Example, you can have

  1. Ice Cream @ 50 points
  2. Cola @ 75 points
  3. sandwich @ 100 points

More Choices

Pound Rewards

See a full chronological history of your rewards of their LTV, including rewards earned, used and transferred in or out. This system is based on transactional value – you are able to award a percentage of transaction spend as a reward – example: 5% on a £100 would be £5.]

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to deliver messages to the user’s home screen. It’s like an SMS message, but coming from an app instead of your mom. Traditionally, push notifications were solely text (or emojis!), but now, rich push notifications let mobile marketers include text as well as images, video, and sound.

Punch Card

A digital punch card. It replaces the familiar “Buy 9 get one for free” paper punch/stamp card. It drives new customers into your point of sale through your customer’s social media networks. All Punch Cards store the number of times that the card has been redeemed.

Referral Rewards

Allow you users to be rewarded for referring you business from their personal networks, the system is setup so that the referral rewards are only credited once the person being referred makes a purchase at your business.


A reservation booking system is a convenient self-service booking system that can integrate with your existing website where you can customize the entire booking process. With the restaurant reservation system, you can customize the booking process, enable people to book a table through your app or website, manage restaurant availability, and reservations.

Reward Levels

If your Loyalty Program has different levels, users can select this tab to view at what level they are, and to see how far they are away from the next level.

Shopping Cart

A full-fledged Shopping Cart with full control over product pages, orders and invoicing. This is perfect for digital, physical or info products through your app.

Smart Reviews

Allow you to canvas your users for online reviews, you are able to incentivize them with reward points, but the magic is that our system will filter your reviews only allowing positive reviews to be posted to your online sites like Yelp Facebook or Google. Poor reviews are sent to admins who are then able to follow up with the client.

Social Media

Place all of your existing Social Media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others in one easy to access place. Then incentivise your customers for visiting and liking your Social Media pages.

Submit Receipt

Ability to add and upload receipts. Once a receipt is added you will receive an email asking you to validate the receipt. The system will not let you validate the same receipt more than once, to prevent fraudulent issuance of rewards.

The Queue

The Queue is a proprietary feature that enables your customer/clients to “get in line” directly through the app and be notified when their table/stylist/Queue is ready. Users are able to see their place in line and approximate wait time.

Time Slot Booking

Create booking calendars that will accept multiple bookings per time slot. Perfect for seting up a class that can accommodate 30 people per time slot, minimum and maximum users can be set.

Scratch & Win

Allows you to include gamification in your apps…where users can scratch off cards in the app to win prizes – just like lottery tickets.

VIP Rewards

Are spend based rewards similar to Pound based rewards, except that this allows you to reward customers and ensure that they shop consistently as these rewards are based on spend values over the course of a calendar year resetting every January 1.

Your APP integrates with all the top autoresponders, membership platforms, and software in your marketing stack. Also integrates with Zapier, which allows you to connect with hundreds of additional services should you need them.

User privacy is one of the most important aspects of mobile apps that use any kind of personal data. We are in the time of GDPR and much other data privacy regulations. Users really care about their data and don’t want it to be exposed to anyone.

HTTPS Everything?
We force HTTPS connections to ensure maximum security from your network to your servers so your users data won’t be compromised.

Many users connect to several open Wi-Fi hotspots in public areas. Some of those hotspots could be malicious. A malicious hotspot can easily alter the contents of unsecured HTTP traffic and can make your app behave in an unexpected manner, or worse still, inject ads or exploits into it.

Android Platform (by default) crashes any apps that use unsecured HTTP connections which helps your communications to stay safe.

We use Internal Storage for Sensitive data?
We force to store all private user data within the device’s internal storage, which is sandboxed per app. This means that files cannot be accessed by any other app on the device.

Your app doesn’t need to request permission to view these files. Files inside this directory are very secure because they use the MODE_PRIVATE file creation mode by default.

As an added security measure, when the user uninstalls your app, the device deletes all files that the app saved within internal storage.

Encrypted data on External Storage and Check the validity of that data?
You may need to store some data on External Storage since the internal storage capacity of a mobile device is often limited. So you have no other choice. That’s fine most apps do that to store media files. Because data on external storage can be directly accessed by both users and other apps on the device, it is important that it is stored in an encrypted format.

During our 12-month support we provide you with your online Account so you can manage your App and access your customers statistics.

We don’t create any cheap clones for you! Our platform has components and we use these to build your unique App solution.

Absolutely Bug-Free, solid and Super Fast!!! You want your App to scale when users come in…. You don’t want your App to crash!!

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